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چگونه to use the insulated lunch box?


1. Prepare the food that needs to be cooked to heat the food: add the appropriate amount of water to the heating plate, put the food into the original lunch box, and put it into the body, then cover the outer cover.

Steamed rice: Add the appropriate amount of water to the heating plate (refer to the table above) and then pour the appropriate amount of raw rice and water into the lunch box, put the child lunch box into the body, and finally cover the outer cover.

Steamed whole and half-boiled eggs: Add a small amount of water to the hot plate, put it into the steaming rack, put the egg on the steaming rack, and then cover the top of the outer box.

نان های شیرینی پخته شده ، شیر داغ و سایر غذاها: یک فنجان آب را به صفحه داغ اضافه کنید و غذای بخارپز یا گرم شده را روی بخارپز چند منظوره قرار دهید ، سپس قسمت بالای جعبه بیرونی را بپوشانید.

2. Turn on the power and press the power switch. At this time, the power indicator light is on, indicating that the unit has started working.

3. After the water in the heating plate is dried, the product is automatically turned on and off, and the indicator light is extinguished, indicating that the food has been cooked.